Unlocking the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid with C. K Prahalad – 17th August 2009

guruevent4Catalytic. Insightful. Life changing. Mind expanding. Paradigm shifting. These are but a few of the words that we would use to describe our most recent guru event. Those who were present will agree with me that it was arguably one of the most if not THE most important guru event yet, from both a corporate strategy and national strategy perspective.

The sessions facilitated by CK Pralahad himself, and the insights shared by our guest speakers (Michael Joseph, James Mwangi and Vimal Shah) made us realise that it is not only possible but necessary, to adopt a completely new approach to strategy. We know of at least one person who said that they plan to leave their current position in twelve months to begin to implement what they learnt!

We at Training Solutions anticipated the importance of the event. In many ways, some subtle and some overt, we nudged you into recognizing that this was a guru event with a difference. From the opening moments when Eric Wainaina sang “Daima,” to the closing session when all participants joined in singing the Kenya National Anthem.

We therefore felt that it was important to provide you with a handy reference tool containing some of the key “nuggets of knowledge” that were gleaned from the event. Hence this newsletter. We intend for IMPACT to be a bi-annual product, issued after every guru event.

We have also set up a Blog to stimulate discussion on issues arising from the ideas and experiences that Pralahad shared. We sincerely hope that you will take part in, and benefit from, the Blog. As you read this first edition of our newsletter, and as you participate in the Blog, please bear in mind that our intention is not simply to refresh your memory. No. We want it to have such an IMPACT on you that you will be galvanized into action.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the newsletter and the Blog.

Impact Newsletter Issue 2 – Click Here to Download

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