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At the turn of the 17th Century, when industrialization set in, leadership and management were seen as one and the same thing. In recent decades the distinction between leadership and management has been made clearer.

Our “Leadership and Management” set of Courses are designed to help your management and “soon-to-be management” staff keep abreast of the key concepts that enhance effective leadership at management level.

Our Leadership and Management Courses constitute:


Ninety-seven percent of CEOs consider innovation as a key priority for top and bottom-line growth, but only 10% of CEOs view their organisations as innovation leaders. [PwC Retail Banking Survey]. Organisations face the following challenges in driving successful innovation:

  • Taking new innovative ideas to market in a rapid and scalable way
  • Finding the best talent to make innovation happen
  • Establishing a culture within which innovation can thrive
  • Finding the right external partners to help make innovation happen

To meet the growing need for building innovation competencies throughout organizations in East Africa, TSL has partnered with Values Centered Innovation® to bring Innovation Styles® to East Africa.

Core Concepts
  • Recognizing the different ways we think innovatively is a key to successfully working together in a team and in an organization
  • There are four distinct “languages” of innovative thinking: Visioning, Modifying, Exploring and Experimenting
  • We each have our own approach to meeting an innovative challenge, using our own mixture of all four Innovation Styles®
  • Each style makes an essential contribution to the innovation process, and all four are needed for comprehensive as well as creative solutions to work challenges
Client Impact
  • Become versatile in generating ideas by eliciting different Innovation Styles®
  • Collaborate with others to expand the depth and breadth of innovative thinking
  • Recognize the innovative thinking styles of others to connect and communicate more effectively
  • Gain wider acceptance of ideas and concepts by appealing to all four styles of thinking
  • Understand how to harness various strengths and innovation styles within your team to drive organisational success

According to a recent study by Silega™, 70% of organisations fail to achieve their annual objectives. Even the best-laid plans fail without proper
alignment, change in culture, capable leaders, ongoing performance feedback and proper resource usage.

Silega Expedition™ is a one-day business simulation program that places participants in a challenging and inspiring experience of climbing Mount Everest in order to win a prize. Everest has always been the supreme symbol of man’s personal struggle to achieve excellence, no matter the conditions. Succeeding on Everest depends totally on spirit, discipline, and will. And as in real life there are only two possible results: success or failure. Participants work and compete in teams of 5 or 6 people.

The main objectives of this program are to:
  • Inspire and mobilize leaders to achieve outstanding results in tough times;
  • Improve the leaders’ business planning and strategic planning skills;
  • Sensitize the participants to use all available resources in the best possible way; and
  • Identify and discuss the kind of leadership required to survive and thrive in tough business conditions
This simulation helps leadership teams unearth challenges in the following areas:
  • Planning and Priority Setting;
  • Managing Vision and Purpose;
  • Strategic Agility;
  • Decision Making;
  • Managing and Measuring Productivity;
  • Time Management; and
  • Motivating Others

There are different types of managers: everyday, average managers, mundane regular ones, horrible and difficult ones, and then there are the truly great ones, the inspirational and phenomenal ones: whose best descriptive term would be: WOW!

John Maxwell, one of today’s most authoritative leadership experts says that Leadership is a Journey. Everybody may not be great at it, but everybody CAN be great at it, it’s a choice you make!

The WOW! Manager course is a 3-day course designed to equip individuals with a basic understanding in both these areas of influence to make both managers and leaders, WOW! Some of the topics covered are designed to enrich the leadership qualities that make a leader that every follower is loyal and self sacrificing for, and impact effective management techniques that ensure that work is being done in the time, quality and promise of the team’s most passionate dreams.

The Objectives of this course include to:

  1. Prepare you for your next level of leadership
  2. Equip you to better manage organizational change
  3. Equip you with the skills that make your meetings more effective and productive in the office environment
  4. Introduce you to and equip you for effective coaching and mentorship in the workplace
  5. Help you build a reliable and sustainable talent identification and succession module.

Further, this course will take participating managers through:

  • Managing and Leveraging Generation gaps in the office
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Nutrition and Fitness for Effective Management
  • Negotiation Skills
Who should attend?
  • Managers with 3-5 years Experience
  • Entrepreneurs in the SME sector

For a full course outline of this programme, please contact us on: info@trainingsolutions.co.ke

Often time’s managers find themselves thrust into the role of management simply because they happened to be good at their technical skills or known area of expertise. Upon promotion they then find that they have to grapple with the issue of managing and inspiring others – if they are to achieve results. They can no longer work as lone rangers, and the attitudes and attributes that got them to where there are, are no longer adequate for success in their new role.

Without effective up-skilling, a star performer can begin to struggle and easily move from being a star performer to a low-key performer, as a result of the new portfolio.

Our programme is designed to equip and empower new managers to excel at their new roles, and to help participants to:

  • Understand and transition into the role of a manager
  • Explore different leadership styles as well as assess their own style, and understand the impact that different style have on teams
  • Learn how to leverage performance from those they manage
  • Explore workplace diversity and how possible conflict can be mitigated and managed

Who should attend?

  • Newly appointed team leaders and managers
  • Experienced supervisors who may not have had formal management training.

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A man who listens to everyone, and a man who listens to no one are alike – they are both fools. Life is like a cake with numerous ingredients. When put in the right environmental conditions it makes for an awesome taste. Coaching and Mentoring is one of life’s most important transformation tools. Often the best ideas, advice, and contributions for our lives lie with other people if we can just know who they are and position ourselves accordingly. The Mentoring and Coaching programme will show managers and supervisors how to set up an effective Mentoring and Coaching System for their reports. With this skill, you will learn how to unlock your staff’s potential and release their greatest abilities at work.

This course will cover topics like:

  1. The difference between Coaching and Mentoring
  2. The Purpose of Mentoring and Coaching
  3. The GROW coaching Model
  4. Skills and Attributes of a Mentor
  5. Crafting guidelines for Mentoring and Coaching
  6. Organisation Orientation to Mentorship
Who Should Attend:
HR Practitioners and line Managers who bear the responsibility of managing other employee’s performance.
For a detailed course outline or further inquiry on this course, Get in touch with us on info@trainingsolutions.co.ke
Performance management is essential to building successful teams and organizations. It is the systematic process by which an organization involves its employees, as individuals and as a team, in improving organizational effectiveness in the accomplishment of the company’s mission, vision and goals.
The Key Components of Performance Management
During the programme, participants will learn:
  1. The role and concept of performance management;
  2. Principles on which Performance Management is based;
  3. Documentation needed for Performance Management;
  4. Steps in planning the performance management;
  5. Ongoing monitoring and development;
  6. Conducting Successful Performance Appraisal Interviews;
  7. Critical Communication and Inter-Personal Skills for Performance Management;
  8. periodically rating performance in, and
  9. Rewarding good performance.
Who should attend?
  1. All levels of management, or supervisors who lead other staff/teams
  2. Staff in the HR department
For a full course outline of this programme, please contact us on info@trainingsolutions.co.ke

“Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business.” Mark Sanborn

When you think of change, what comes to mind? For some people, when they think of change, they think of: redundancies, extra workload, confusing emotions, etc…. The global environment has become extremely dynamic.

Change is bound to present unlimited opportunities and challenges depending on one’s outlook to the change. Individuals and organizations that anticipate and respond to change effectively and rapidly, will be better placed to compete in their markets than their competitors.

Change is inevitable in our personal as well as professional lives. What matters is how the change is managed; right from the onset – in terms of reaction and commitment – to the overall sustainability of the process. Managing change is a learnable skill, and with some practice and training, we shall equip you and your change management staff to make the most and the best of organizational change.

The Change Management Programme is designed to equip:

  • Leaders with tools to encourage buy-in and easier implementation of change by all stakeholders;
  • Participants with an understanding of how change is implemented and equip them with practical tools to make change initiatives successful.

Who should attend?
Project team members involved in any change management initiative within their organizations.

This programme is specifically conducted on an in-house basis.
Get in touch with us on info@trainingsolutions.co.ke for more information

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