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It is people that make great organizations, not the other way round. If you build your house with paper you get a paper house, build it with wood, you get a wood house, if you build it with gold, well, you get a golden house. Your personal effectiveness spills over into everything they do. Be it your personal life, or your professional life. If you make yourself a better “you”, then you are in essence making yourself a greater resource for yourself, for your organization, your family and friends. We have therefore packaged courses to help you grow your own personal effectiveness.

These include:

“There are always three presentations, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” Dale Carnegie

In a survey carried out amongst experienced middle and senior executives designed to determine the things that they feared most, Public speaking came out as number one, death was 8th on the list, so most of us would rather be lying in the casket than read the Eulogy.

To help overcome this fear, we have put together a 3-day Presentation Skills program that incorporates the use of guided role plays, exercises, and skill practice sessions to help you become more efficient and proficient in your presentation skills.

With this in mind, our program will help you:

  • Learn how to research, plan, structure and deliver your presentation
  • Manage and overcome nervousness during presentations
  • Understand how to capture and manage your audience
  • Improve your assertiveness and self confidence
  • Learn how to make short and compelling presentations
  • Learn how to use visual aids more effectively
  • Know how to manage your environment before and during presentations
  • Tackle questions effectively before, during and after presentations

Target audience

  • Facilitators/Trainers
  • Sales representatives
  • Individuals who make business presentations

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Customers aren’t what they used to be. They’re more knowledgeable, more sophisticated, and more demanding. They don’t want to be “sold.” They want to make informed buying decisions. Today, most organizations that want to increase sales performance adopt a more consultative approach to selling.

This program teaches participants to become consultative problem solvers in face-to-face sales situations and take customers through the required steps of the sales cycle. The training provides an effective and systematic approach to learning, applying, evaluating and continuously improving the skills that result in strong customer relationships.

The course covers:

  • The Psychology of Selling
  • Understanding Customer Personality Types
  • Negotiating for Business
  • The PEAK Selling Process
  • Success Principles for Today’s Sales
  • Communicating Product Value Propositions
  • Time Management
  • Managing Feedback to Close the Sale
  • Growing Business Relationships towards Maturity

Who should attend?

  • New and experienced sales professionals


  • 3 full days
  • Offered as an in-house (customized) basis only

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Did you know that 90% of the opinions held about your company result from the experiences created by those who interface with your clients on a day-to-day basis? Each and every one of us serves customers, whether we realize it or not.

It takes days, months…even years…to bring in one new customer. However, it takes only a few seconds to lose that customer. Yet the long term benefits of retaining a few loyal customers outweigh those of attracting hundreds of one-time buyers.

Customer Service Excellence will enable participants to gain an appreciation of the importance of making the customers feel special so that they become dependent on you for their products and/or services.

The programme will enable you to:

  • Define what customer service means in relation to all your customers
  • Recognize how your attitude affects customer service
  • Identify how outstanding customer service generates return business

Who should attend?

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Sales representatives
  • Office Administrators
  • Finance staff
  • Any individual in a customer-facing position

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  • Are you passionate about training?
  • Would you like to be a trainer or a better trainer than you currently are?
  • Do you feel that you have an untapped potential for enhancing other people’s performance?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your current skills and abilities to train others?
  • Would you like to gain these skills and unleash your fullest potential to train?

Are you in a position that requires you to use appropriate, research-based, adult learning methodologies to deliver sound and exceptional training programmes?

Then our next “Training The Trainer Programme” is for you!!

Training the Trainer will enable participants to learn how to use appropriate adult learning methodologies that are research-based so as to deliver a solid and exceptional training programme.

This programme also exposes participants to the adult learning methodology which they can apply in delivering training programmes.

Who should attend?

  • Managers and Supervisors whose role includes effective skills transfer
  • Training Managers
  • Team Leaders with training as part of their responsibility

For a full course outline of this programme, please contact us on

Administrators are vital to the smooth running of any organization and they play a key role in contributing to the performance of their teams and departments. Their effectiveness has a direct influence on the productivity and efficiency of others and often determines the quality of service provided to internal and external customers.

Administrative work has changed significantly over the years, and the role varies greatly depending on the sector, the size of the employer and levels of responsibility. Most work involves both written and oral communication.

  • As an administrator, your role may bring about certain concerns like;
  • How do I sustain my sanity when every office function begs my knowledge and attention?
  • How do I remain appropriately skilled for the growing and increasing challenges in my charge?
  • How do I ensure that the office is in order and can work in my absence?
  • How do I manage office expectations?
  • Am I beating administrative deadlines or is my office recurrently held hostage by my deference?
  • Am I able to manage changes in the office with the least disconnect and disarray for our staff and clients?
  • Do I represent my company well in the way I deal with both internal and external customers?
  • How do I continue to grow as a person?

Join Training Solutions Limited on our 3-day “Effective Office Administrator” programme and find out how you could settle these concerns once and for all.

Who should attend?

  • Executive personal Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Office administrators

This course is intended to:

Develop the interpersonal and professional skills required by office administrators and personal assistants in organizing the workplace.

Develop delegates’ skills with a practical overview of the hands-on managerial duties, responsibilities and the essential knowledge required for fulfilling their role successfully.

Help them chart a career path and growth trajectory.

For a full course outline of this programme, please contact us on:

To remain on top, you have to keep yourself on-your toes. Jascha Heifetz, is known for the quote: “There is no top. There are always further heights to reach.” Nothing encroaches on the gains of success like laxity and contentment.

With overwhelming response for the Effective Office administrator Programme, we have equally discovered a growing demand for an advanced administrator programme, capable of equipping you to manage an ever changing office environment.

The Advanced Effective Administrator Course; an advance to the Effective Office Administrator Course, is for Individuals that have mastered the basics of Office Administration and are now prepping for more demanding management-level challenges, those whose skills yesterdays are no longer getting them past today’s growing office demands. It is a preparation course for management.

That’s why we have designed the new Programme to give you skills in areas such as:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Dealing with Office Politics
  • Motivation
  • Change Management
  • Basic writing skills
  • Emotional Intelligence

This course is designed for former attendees of the Effective Office Administrator Course and participants who have been office administrators for long and need to refresh their skills. For a detailed outline or inquiries on this course, get in touch with us on

The global economic upheaval changed the way we need to work, and the way we did business even a year ago is clearly outdated. New conditions call for new ways of behaving and tough times call for new-and better-ways of working. In these times of great change and dramatic uncertainty, your people need training and results-oriented inspiration more than ever before.

The irony is that, at this very time when teams need to be working together; tough circumstances often cause a “scarcity mentality” which breaks down team synergy. When resources are scarce, targets high, times tough and jobs rare, it is easy to create an unhealthy, internally competitive environment.

During difficult times, we learn, more than ever before, that no single individual is important enough or capable enough of carrying the organization on his/her shoulder. Without collaboration, communication and the synergy that comes from teams working together effectively, organizations stand little chance of survival.

Teamwork has become one of the most important survival tools for organizations today. Organizations that will survive, are those where the work environment is based on mutually supportive teams. In a nutshell, organizations that want to remain competitive must demonstrate the highest levels of internal collaboration. The real competition is out there; not within the organization.

Training Solutions’ Team Building Solution

Our Experiential Team Building programme will help you leverage teamwork in your organization. This programme is challenging, insightful and best of all, fun. It teaches participants through a “learn by doing” approach that; although team members have clearly designated roles, working as a cohesive team, is the only way that organizational objectives can be achieved.

Call us for more information on how we can help you leverage teamwork to create a competitive advantage for your organization. For a full course outline of this programme, please contact us

Consider the following quotes.

“When a team outgrows individual performance and learns confidence, excellence becomes a reality.”Joe Paterno

“Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.” Brian Tracy

Whichever way you look at it, without contradiction, people make teams; and teams – depending on the attendant factors at play – bring out the best or worst in people. Team dynamics drive organizational performance.

That’s why we have packaged a course to meet this gaping need for your organizations departments and service groups.

The objectives of this course are to;

  • Enable your selected departments to more creatively solve problems
  • Enable and enhance teamwork.
  • Generate civility in the workplace
  • Equip participants with conflict resolution skills
  • Create a basic awareness of personal safety in the work place
  • Encourage workplace diversity
  • Enable participants to understand and leverage generation gaps at work

Who should attend?

Our course is designed for departments, service groups and units within your organization that:

  1. Have a high team performance and you would like to keep them that way. Prevention is indeed the best cure. Or,
  2. Have the potential to become high-achievers but internal and interpersonal challenges stand in the way of an otherwise thriving team.

If that’s you, or your department, get in touch with us on and we will discuss how to make this a reality for you.

The foray and intense focus and search for human talent in the 21st Century is by no means an activity of misguided logic. With competition for and scarcity of resources in the ever intensifying global market there has never been as intense a battle for human talent as there is right now. Each organization is strategically positioning itself to attract and recruit the most effective, shrewd and profitable employees into its ranks. Needless to say, each organization rises and falls on the service, delivery and output of its staff. However, what makes a great employee?

When most employer’s think of a great employee, they often have the following in mind: Time keepers – in terms of projects and deadlines, great attitude, problem solvers – even for their peers, good influence on the rest of the work force and generally, those that enable you to relax when you know they are on the job.

There is however a lot more taking place in the employees mind and heart for them to a become this kind of employee. It takes a mental attitude, a state of mind and soul that transcends the office alone. It is a state of being that resonates with an employee’s every facet of life.

The 4-Day WOW Employee course is based on this principle. It resonates with the idea that one needs to develop every area of their lives for them to become truly exceptional, not just their life and work at the office. For this reason, the WOW! Employee Course is designed to provide a holistic approach to the employee’s personal development. This course takes a head–on approach to such areas of personal performance and well being:

  • Assertiveness and self confidence.
  • Business Etiquette
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Personal Productivity
  • Personal health and fitness.

Who should attend?

  • Participants seeking to unleash their “full-person” potential which determines their performance in all other areas of life
  • Participants from organizations seeking to develop an empowered and all – rounded, fully engaged breed of employees.

For a full course outline of this programme, please contact us on:

The competitive world of the 21st century makes new demands on organisations almost every day. Employees need different personal, interpersonal and technical skills to cope with the demands of the global village and continuous change and uncertainty.

The Best Foot Forward program is designed to equip graduates with development tools and skills which drive productivity at the workplace, quality of service delivery and overall level of effectiveness.

The 3-day program highlights include:

  • Effective Time Management
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Business Etiquette
  • Embracing Workplace Diversity
  • Self-Awareness (Personality Assessments)
  • Universal Principles of Success
  • The Purpose Road Map
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Assertiveness

For a detailed course outline or further inquiry on this course, Get in touch with us on

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