The Values Based Leadership Seminar with John C. Maxwell – 8th March 2010

guruevent3The Values Based Leadership Seminar with Dr. John C Maxwell was yet another great success based on the feedback we continue to get from the participants. We at Training Solutions are passionate and committed to acting as a catalyst for change in leadership in Kenya and throughout East Africa.


What do Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and Gandhi have in common? Ultimately it is the fact that these leaders led with moral authority and with authenticity.

They led with long term rather than short term interests in mind. An authentic leader is one who leads out of who they really are. They exemplify the values they promote.

An authentic leader wields tremendous influence. Their authenticity enables them to cause them to rally others around a cause that leads to positive transformation of organisations, communities and even nations. They lead others to sustainable solutions.

You may already have experienced or observed how emotionally and mentally draining it can be to sustain a front. An authentic, values-based leader is one who enjoys the peace of mind that comes from knowing that he/she has acted with integrity.

What is Values-Based Leadership?

Values-based leadership is choosing to lead your life based on the core values you hold dear. These core values serve as the code of conduct that guides our live.

Leadership is not limited just a singular measure of effectiveness – it is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. Values-based leadership is different from other modes in that it includes all the three factors:

  1. Effectiveness – measuring the achievement of the objectives
  2. Morality – measuring how change affects concerned parties, and
  3. Time – measuring the desirability of any goal over the long term

Values-based leadership is not simply about style, how-to, following some recipe, or even mastering “the vision thing”. Instead, it is about ideas and values. It is based on integrity, excellence, respect and trust. It is a way of making authentic decisions that builds the trust and commitment of employees and customers.

It is about understanding the different and conflicting needs of followers, energizing followers to pursue a goal than they had never thought possible. “In practical business terms, it is about creating conditions under which all followers can perform independently and effectively toward a single objective.”

Leadership is the willingness to put oneself at risk, it is about being dissatisfied with the current reality and taking responsibility to make a difference while others makes excuses. It is the readiness to stand out in a crowd with an open mind and an open heart; it is the integration of heart, head and soul. Above all it is courageous. This was the essence of the Values-Based Leadership seminar which was a resounding success.

We want to thank all our dear clients who made this seminar the success it was. It would not have been possible without you.

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