The Effective Office Administrator

Administrators are vital to the smooth running of any organization and they play a key role in contributing to the performance of their teams and departments. Their effectiveness has a direct influence on the productivity and efficiency of others and often determines the quality of service provided to internal and external customers.

Administrative work has changed significantly over the years, and the role varies greatly depending on the sector, the size of the employer and levels of responsibility. Most work involves both written and oral communication.

  • As an administrator, your role may bring about certain concerns like;
  • How do I sustain my sanity when every office function begs my knowledge and attention?
  • How do I remain appropriately skilled for the growing and increasing challenges in my charge?
  • How do I ensure that the office is in order and can work in my absence?
  • How do I manage office expectations?
  • Am I beating administrative deadlines or is my office recurrently held hostage by my deference?
  • Am I able to manage changes in the office with the least disconnect and disarray for our staff and clients?
  • Do I represent my company well in the way I deal with both internal and external customers?
  • How do I continue to grow as a person?

Join Training Solutions Limited on our 3-day “Effective Office Administrator” programme and find out how you could settle these concerns once and for all.

Who should attend?

  • Executive personal Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Office administrators

This course is intended to:

Develop the interpersonal and professional skills required by office administrators and personal assistants in organizing the workplace.

Develop delegates’ skills with a practical overview of the hands-on managerial duties, responsibilities and the essential knowledge required for fulfilling their role successfully.

Help them chart a career path and growth trajectory.

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