Experiential Team Building – Leveraging Team Work during difficult times

The global economic upheaval changed the way we need to work, and the way we did business even a year ago is clearly outdated. New conditions call for new ways of behaving and tough times call for new-and better-ways of working. In these times of great change and dramatic uncertainty, your people need training and results-oriented inspiration more than ever before.

The irony is that, at this very time when teams need to be working together; tough circumstances often cause a “scarcity mentality” which breaks down team synergy. When resources are scarce, targets high, times tough and jobs rare, it is easy to create an unhealthy, internally competitive environment.

During difficult times, we learn, more than ever before, that no single individual is important enough or capable enough of carrying the organization on his/her shoulder. Without collaboration, communication and the synergy that comes from teams working together effectively, organizations stand little chance of survival.

Teamwork has become one of the most important survival tools for organizations today. Organizations that will survive, are those where the work environment is based on mutually supportive teams. In a nutshell, organizations that want to remain competitive must demonstrate the highest levels of internal collaboration. The real competition is out there; not within the organization.

Training Solutions’ Team Building Solution

Our Experiential Team Building programme will help you leverage teamwork in your organization. This programme is challenging, insightful and best of all, fun. It teaches participants through a “learn by doing” approach that; although team members have clearly designated roles, working as a cohesive team, is the only way that organizational objectives can be achieved.

Call us for more information on how we can help you leverage teamwork to create a competitive advantage for your organization. For a full course outline of this programme, please contact us oninfo@trainingsolutions.co.ke

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