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There are different types of managers: everyday, average managers, mundane regular ones, horrible and difficult ones, and then there are the truly great ones, the inspirational and phenomenal ones: whose best descriptive term would be: WOW!

John Maxwell, one of today’s most authoritative leadership experts says that Leadership is a Journey. Everybody may not be great at it, but everybody CAN be great at it, it’s a choice you make!

The WOW! Manager course is a 3-day course designed to equip individuals with a basic understanding in both these areas of influence to make both managers and leaders, WOW! Some of the topics covered are designed to enrich the leadership qualities that make a leader that every follower is loyal and self sacrificing for, and impact effective management techniques that ensure that work is being done in the time, quality and promise of the team’s most passionate dreams.

The Objectives of this course include to:

  1. Prepare you for your next level of leadership
  2. Equip you to better manage organizational change
  3. Equip you with the skills that make your meetings more effective and productive in the office environment
  4. Introduce you to and equip you for effective coaching and mentorship in the workplace
  5. Help you build a reliable and sustainable talent identification and succession module.

Further, this course will take participating managers through:

  • Managing and Leveraging Generation gaps in the office
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Nutrition and Fitness for Effective Management
  • Negotiation Skills
Who should attend?
  • Managers with 3-5 years Experience
  • Entrepreneurs in the SME sector

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