New Manager and Supervisor Training

Often time’s managers find themselves thrust into the role of management simply because they happened to be good at their technical skills or known area of expertise. Upon promotion they then find that they have to grapple with the issue of managing and inspiring others – if they are to achieve results. They can no longer work as lone rangers, and the attitudes and attributes that got them to where there are, are no longer adequate for success in their new role.

Without effective up-skilling, a star performer can begin to struggle and easily move from being a star performer to a low-key performer, as a result of the new portfolio.

Our programme is designed to equip and empower new managers to excel at their new roles, and to help participants to:

  • Understand and transition into the role of a manager
  • Explore different leadership styles as well as assess their own style, and understand the impact that different style have on teams
  • Learn how to leverage performance from those they manage
  • Explore workplace diversity and how possible conflict can be mitigated and managed

Who should attend?

  • Newly appointed team leaders and managers
  • Experienced supervisors who may not have had formal management training.

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