Silega Expedition™

According to a recent study by Silega™, 70% of organisations fail to achieve their annual objectives. Even the best-laid plans fail without proper
alignment, change in culture, capable leaders, ongoing performance feedback and proper resource usage.

Silega Expedition™ is a one-day business simulation program that places participants in a challenging and inspiring experience of climbing Mount Everest in order to win a prize. Everest has always been the supreme symbol of man’s personal struggle to achieve excellence, no matter the conditions. Succeeding on Everest depends totally on spirit, discipline, and will. And as in real life there are only two possible results: success or failure. Participants work and compete in teams of 5 or 6 people.

The main objectives of this program are to:
  • Inspire and mobilize leaders to achieve outstanding results in tough times;
  • Improve the leaders’ business planning and strategic planning skills;
  • Sensitize the participants to use all available resources in the best possible way; and
  • Identify and discuss the kind of leadership required to survive and thrive in tough business conditions
This simulation helps leadership teams unearth challenges in the following areas:
  • Planning and Priority Setting;
  • Managing Vision and Purpose;
  • Strategic Agility;
  • Decision Making;
  • Managing and Measuring Productivity;
  • Time Management; and
  • Motivating Others

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