Performance Management

Performance management is essential to building successful teams and organizations. It is the systematic process by which an organization involves its employees, as individuals and as a team, in improving organizational effectiveness in the accomplishment of the company’s mission, vision and goals.
The Key Components of Performance Management
During the programme, participants will learn:
  1. The role and concept of performance management;
  2. Principles on which Performance Management is based;
  3. Documentation needed for Performance Management;
  4. Steps in planning the performance management;
  5. Ongoing monitoring and development;
  6. Conducting Successful Performance Appraisal Interviews;
  7. Critical Communication and Inter-Personal Skills for Performance Management;
  8. periodically rating performance in, and
  9. Rewarding good performance.
Who should attend?
  1. All levels of management, or supervisors who lead other staff/teams
  2. Staff in the HR department
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