Coaching for Line Managers

A man who listens to everyone, and a man who listens to no one are alike – they are both fools. Life is like a cake with numerous ingredients. When put in the right environmental conditions it makes for an awesome taste. Coaching and Mentoring is one of life’s most important transformation tools. Often the best ideas, advice, and contributions for our lives lie with other people if we can just know who they are and position ourselves accordingly. The Mentoring and Coaching programme will show managers and supervisors how to set up an effective Mentoring and Coaching System for their reports. With this skill, you will learn how to unlock your staff’s potential and release their greatest abilities at work.

This course will cover topics like:

  1. The difference between Coaching and Mentoring
  2. The Purpose of Mentoring and Coaching
  3. The GROW coaching Model
  4. Skills and Attributes of a Mentor
  5. Crafting guidelines for Mentoring and Coaching
  6. Organisation Orientation to Mentorship
Who Should Attend:
HR Practitioners and line Managers who bear the responsibility of managing other employee’s performance.
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