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Ninety-seven percent of CEOs consider innovation as a key priority for top and bottom-line growth, but only 10% of CEOs view their organisations as innovation leaders. [PwC Retail Banking Survey]. Organisations face the following challenges in driving successful innovation:

  • Taking new innovative ideas to market in a rapid and scalable way
  • Finding the best talent to make innovation happen
  • Establishing a culture within which innovation can thrive
  • Finding the right external partners to help make innovation happen

To meet the growing need for building innovation competencies throughout organizations in East Africa, TSL has partnered with Values Centered Innovation® to bring Innovation Styles® to East Africa.

Core Concepts
  • Recognizing the different ways we think innovatively is a key to successfully working together in a team and in an organization
  • There are four distinct “languages” of innovative thinking: Visioning, Modifying, Exploring and Experimenting
  • We each have our own approach to meeting an innovative challenge, using our own mixture of all four Innovation Styles®
  • Each style makes an essential contribution to the innovation process, and all four are needed for comprehensive as well as creative solutions to work challenges
Client Impact
  • Become versatile in generating ideas by eliciting different Innovation Styles®
  • Collaborate with others to expand the depth and breadth of innovative thinking
  • Recognize the innovative thinking styles of others to connect and communicate more effectively
  • Gain wider acceptance of ideas and concepts by appealing to all four styles of thinking
  • Understand how to harness various strengths and innovation styles within your team to drive organisational success

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