Treasury Risk Management

Financial risk management has become a priority in recent years. Tumultuous economic conditions have created new challenges in treasury and the headlines often feature the fallout of failed financial risk policies. Having a strategy in place to deal with the risk is of utmost importance to today’s treasury professionals, and companies are re-evaluating their framework for measuring and monitoring financial risk.

This course is designed for current practitioners and for those interested in working in treasury management.  The course provides a holistic understanding of treasury management from first principles and introduces participants, in an intuitive manner, to the concepts and logic that underpin financial risk management, financial instruments and derivatives.

Key topics covered include:

  • Identify and develop key strategies for treasury management
  • Understand the application and valuation of financial instruments (participants will be provided with example pricing spreadsheets which will allow them to input variables and observe the impact on prices)
  • Apply the principles learnt in a half day case study
  • Network with other finance and treasury Practitioners
  • Receive an update on the current conditions in capital markets and bank debt markets

Who should attend?

  • Accountants
  • Finance managers
  • Internal auditors
  • Treasury officers/managers
  • Treasurers (new to role)


  • 2 days

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