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Business executives make tough decisions every day about product development, prices, research and development, HR, and administrative policies. All those decisions require that managers be aware of the impact they have on the company balance sheet. Good business acumen is critical for your company’s success and will likely be the difference between you and the competition. To address this organisational challenge, TSL has partnered with Silega to bring you Silega Pulse™.

Silega Pulse™ is a highly-customizable, powerful business simulation. This hands-on and engaging program simulates up to four business years in just five hours. It’s a realistic live representation of a business in need of change. Participants must manage all parts of the business process: planning, operations, finance, and people development. Silega Pulse™ was designed to address the specific challenges most companies face today:

  • Improve understanding of how and why businesses make and lose money
  • Understand the difference between profit and cash
  • Make smarter decisions to create long-term value
  • Increase profitability by improving financial control and spending more wisely
  • Improve business planning and control
  • Align different departments towards common goals
  • Create a common vision for success and a common language within the organization
  • Reinforce organizational change
  • Create a culture of constant improvement

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