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At the turn of the 17th Century, when industrialization set in, leadership and management were seen as one and the same thing. In recent decades the distinction between leadership and management has been made clearer.

Our “Leadership and Management” set of Courses are designed to help your management and “soon-to-be management” staff keep abreast of the key concepts that enhance effective leadership at management level.

Our Leadership and Management Courses constitute:

Finance plays a crucial role for both individuals and organizations. The best plans, the best ideas, the best minds could often be made completely redundant in the absence of the finances that enable their transformation into reality.



Therefore, no matter what orientation or objective of an individual or organization, the need to develop knowledge and skill in managing, directing, conserving, and allocating finance and corresponding investments will remain a constant through human history.

The dynamics and needs for this knowledge are diverse and cannot be covered in any single training, we have therefore packaged a number of courses whose content and objective are suited to meet the broader and specific needs around finance training. Our Banking and Finance constitute:


It is people that make great organizations, not the other way round. If you build your house with paper you get a paper house, build it with wood, you get a wood house, if you build it with gold, well, you get a golden house. Your personal effectiveness spills over into everything they do. Be it your personal life, or your professional life. If you make yourself a better “you”, then you are in essence making yourself a greater resource for yourself, for your organization, your family and friends. We have therefore packaged courses to help you grow your own personal effectiveness.

These include:

One of the challenges that today’s businesses face is finding and retaining the right talent. TSL specialises in customised recruitment and placement services. Our offerings include permanent, temporary and contract workforce solutions.

At TSL, we take time to understand an organisation’s needs, and source for candidates who fit the organisation requirements and the culture. This enables us to consistently introduce the right people and subsequently provide outstanding solutions that allow your business to attract and retain the best talent.

Leveraging on our highly experienced team, our processes:

  • Reduce the time for sourcing candidates for recruitment;
  • Improve the efficiency of the recruitment and placement processes; and
  • Reduce the clutter of unqualified candidates that enter the recruitment pipeline by providing re-screening and pre-screening facilities

Today, a record number of people are going into business for themselves, either on their own or with others. To survive, they must learn quickly how to attract and win clients. In the corporate world, more companies are chasing fewer dollars. Corporate managers and marketing/sales staff need to prepare superior proposals to win client business.

If you have launched your own business, are a manager in any size corporation, or simply want to improve your proposal process, we will help you write a persuasive proposal. We understand that when it comes to proposals, it’s not always the most qualified company who wins, but the most convincing company.

Looking to build a business or expand one you’re already running? You’ll need to build a business plan before you do. Our consultant Ken Mwindi walks through the process of defining your business, researching the market, and determining your product. Once you’ve figured out what your product or service will be, Ken provides guidance for thinking through your sales strategy, day-to-day operations, staffing, and financial forecasting. A sample business plan is provided, so you can follow along with the development of a real-world company

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