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leveragingfinancesFinance plays a crucial role for both individuals and organizations. The best plans, the best ideas, the best minds could often be made completely redundant in the absence of the finances that enable their transformation into reality.

Therefore, no matter what orientation or objective of an individual or organization, the need to develop knowledge and skill in managing, directing, conserving, and allocating finance and corresponding investments will remain a constant through human history.

The dynamics and needs for this knowledge are diverse and cannot be covered in any single training, we have therefore packaged a number of courses whose content and objective are suited to meet the broader and specific needs around finance training. Our Leveraging Finance Courses constitute:

  1. Silega Pulse™
  2. Finance for Non Finance Managers
  3. Leasing Solutions
  4. Derivatives and Hedging Products
  5. Treasury Management
  6. Credit Management and Trade Finance
  7. Personal Finance Management (Level 1 and 2)
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Training Solutions Ltd has been in business since 1996. Operating as a subsidiary of KPMG East Africa for 14 years. On our 15th Year of business, we found our wings and established an independent, stand-alone brand in the East African market.

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