Finance for Non Finance Managers

We recognize that managing a non-profit’s finances is not an easy task. Organizations operating in this unique realm are pushed to think creatively on how to do more with less. To cope with the limited resources, non-profit organizations need to acquire basic knowledge on financial management and learn to utilize key decision-making tools.

We have designed a programme that will enable Non-profit organizations manage the financial aspects of the organization with clarity, precision and efficiency in order to contribute towards achieving the organization’s overall objectives!

During our 4-day Finance for Non-Finance Managers programme (Non-profit organizations)participants will: –

  • Gain insight into finance and funding challenges of development work and current trends, demystify the basics of financial planning and budgeting;
  • Be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently manage the financial resources of an Non-profit towards sufficiency;
  • Learn the basics of financial management including basic accounting principles, interpretation of financial statements and reports, revenue and expenses monitoring. analyzing and interpret budgets;
  • Understand the ethos behind decisions concerning resource generation and investments; and
  • Identify different financial causes and effects of a successful or a failing Non-profit.

The main topics to be covered are: –

  1. Overview of financial management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Maintaining Accounts
  4. Budgetary Controls and Monitoring
  5. Internal Controls and financial systems
  6. Cash Management and reporting
  7. Financial Management in relation to non-finance Staff
  8. Funds Management in relation to donors and strategic Plan
  9. Strategic Financial Management
  10. Reporting and Accountability

Who should attend?

This programme is suitable for participants with no prior formal training in finance who are either budget holders or are required to make day-to-day financial decisions within their units or projects.

  • Programme Managers
  • Project Officers
  • Department heads
  • Senior project managers

Participants “learn by doing”. Calculators are required.

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