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executivecoachingJack Welch said,

“Being a leader changes everything. Before you are a leader, success is all about you. It’s about your performance, your contributions. It’s about getting called upon and having the right answers. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

Your success as a Leader comes not from what you do but from the reflected glory of the people you lead.”

But… this does not always come easily. New skills required of managers include, evaluating performance, conducting tough conversations, dealing with conflict, motivating and inspiring teams and, influencing others across the organization.

All this whilst continually sharpening your own technical, emotional and psychological capacity. But these skills do not come naturally to all of us – this is where a coach comes in – to help you sharpen these skills, to act as a sounding board, and to challenge you to achieve your highest potential.

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Training Solutions Ltd has been in business since 1996. Operating as a subsidiary of KPMG East Africa for 14 years. On our 15th Year of business, we found our wings and established an independent, stand-alone brand in the East African market.

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